Thursday, February 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday: The Tale of Lost Alpacas

Throwback Thursday! I'm waiting for my exam results so I need to keep my mind busy... Here's the story of my  Fourteen Alpacas Pullover. It was based on this Drops pattern - "Autumn Flurries"

Long long time ago, in December 2012, just when the world was about to end (again).. my sister called to ask me what did I want for Christmas?

What could I say? Yarn of course! Drops Lima, one of my favourites.

We agreed that she will purchase 8 skeins of the main colorway and I will top it up with 1 skein of natural white & 2 skeins of moss green. Drops just had a big alpaca yarns sale (what an unforeseen coincidence!) and online yarn shops were low in stock. I ordered my part from another supplier  and got it just after New Year. My sister's part however hasn't arrived.

And here starts the fun part:

She emailed the shop and found out that she already accepted the delivery... in Warsaw. Over 330km from our home town. What happened? While she was filling in a form, another Anna X. also filled hers. Two different purchase orders were recorded within less than a minute. Shop workers somehow overlooked the fact that email addresses didn't match and contacted my sisters double to ask if she wanted both of packages sent together. She did. Well, who wouldn't accept it?

It took my sister a while to explain that she not only didn't get the yarn, but hasn't even been to Warsaw lately. It all turned out well eventually, as my alpacas arrived on January 12th,

Arrival of the Alpacas, forgive my shaky hands :)

You can find my work diary on Ravelry. It took me a month to finish it. I made also some modifications. I started with provisional cast on around waist and continued up, and came up with my own yoke design. Here's the chart:

And 16x16 square version:

It has it's own pattern page on Ravelry.

Sadly, I don't wear my pullover too often because it's too warm. Maybe this years winter will change that!

Have a nice afternoon!



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  3. Hi, would you say the measurements are tight or loose? Like for the large size , it says 48cm for the brest, would you say yours was tight for the breast or no?

  4. Im between 2 sizes so I dont know which to use :)