Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Busy week.

Last week I didn't have much time to progress on my Ten Stitch Corner. I attended my graduation ceremony and a ball afterwards, which prevented me from getting much sleep last weekend.
Today it's our National Independence Day so I'm celebrating, and enjoying a day off.

I did travel over 800km back and forth since my last update. This equals 20 hours sitting on a train, but sometimes I was just too tired to knit.
Nevertheless on November 2nd I passed the 50% mark!

Since then I slowed a bit, and currently my blankie looks like this:

Colors look much better in nature! We had gorgeous weather last week, but since Saturday we're back to more traditional autumn. It's a bit gloomy outside, so my camera goes crazy.

It is still surprisingly warm for November. Few days ago I spotted a ladybug convent of some sort. There were dozens of them, maybe plotting something:

Korek also enjoyed last week's sunny weather, trying to charge his inner batteries for upcoming winter.

I offered to prepare my all-time favourite meatballs in tomato sauce for today's dinner, so I need to get myself to kitchen,

Have I nice afternoon!


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