Sunday, January 31, 2016

Knitter's block.

Is there such a thing? You know, like writer's bock? I'm pretty sure there is...
...and I'm in the middle of it :(

Since my last post (three weeks ago) I managed to set up pockets and ALMOST finish ring cables in my Creamy Cardi. If it wasn't for Netflix I probably wouldn't knit a single row. But since we finally got it in Poland I have a reason/excuse to knit every evening.

I made it longer than the pattern said. 
Otherwise I would end up with pockets starting somewhere here:

I should be getting to ribbing pretty soon. I think I will go for tubular bind-off again, because I used it on collar and I absolutely loved it! Yes, yes, it takes a lot of time to complete but effects are great - no flaring and whole thing stretches just right. 
Doing Kitchener stitch over 195 stitches? Sounds like fun!

Yesterday I went on a train trip to Katowice with my hubby. Voluntary this time! We ate delicious burgers, finally went to see Revenant and had a really good time. 
And look what I took out of a slightly dusty project bag:

I'm just two double corners away from completing it! I... CAN... DO... IT! 
Also I still have some weeks left until it's new owner is born - my friend is having her baby girl in May :)

Maybe my knitter's block will go away? I can feel this tingling in my fingers! Time to knit!

Have a nice afternoon!


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Creamy Cardi Returns!

In my last post I mentioned my Creamy Cardi as my biggest failure of 2015. I can't see a better way to start a new year, than correcting that mistake, and restarting the whole project.
Here I go (again)!
Since I'm a lazy person, and lately I don't have much time to spare I decided to knit straight from my unfinished sweater.

I know, I know, I should frogg it and let the yarn straighten. But that exceeds my patience!
This time I picked a pattern from Ravelry, one of several I got from Christmas giveaways. 
It's Chance of Snow by Elena Nodel. I love how detailed instructions are! It also covers a wide range of sizes. I chose S2 and am hoping for a comfy, snugly cardi. 
Also, I went down one size using 4mm instead of 5mm needles. My first cardi's fabric felt too loose and therefore uneven. 

Now just look at those cables!

This is how far I got in ten days:

It's really hard to show how it fits around my arms while taking a selfie... Believe me when I say - that's a nice fit!

There's not much going on in my crafter's life right now. Maybe except a funky Twiddlemuff I made for my grandma. You can read more about it in pattern from Warrington Hospital:

In last week temperatures returned to more friendly -2 to +3°C, but before that we had -15°C at night! This of course attracts dozens of birds to our feeder... and one very persistent, but luckily lousy, hunter:

He's been visiting for last three years, but haven't caught a single bird. But just look at this determined face!

I feel a need to add few rows to my cardi. Can't waste that!
Have a nice evening! 


PS.: Hasiok&Friends is celebrating it's first birthday! I'd like to thank all visitors, especially those who managed to read my post this far. You're the best!

Friday, January 1, 2016


Happy New Year!

I couldn't bring myself to go out today and take any pictures, because winter has finally arrived. After warm, sunny Christmas we now have windy, dark and cold days.

I guess it's time to look back at my last year's work. Here we go:

In 2015:
I added 31 new Ravelry projects.
4 of them are still WIP.
I also started countless side projects, which never even reached my Ravelry notebook.

Judging by this chart, amigurumi is still my favorite craft category! :)

My husband decided that the Best Project of 2015 Award goes to..

No surprise here - BB-8!

If I were to choose my personal favourite I would probably go with Harby the Reaper:

... or BB-8 :)

The one that made me feel really proud was Box-o-Gnomes:

And finally.. one I would like to forget about is my Creamy Cardi, In fact, today I decided to restart this one using smaller needles and totally different pattern. I think this counts as a New Year's resolution, doesn't it?

Speaking of resolutions, there are few others I made:
  • Keep my blog alive for another year (actually it all started as my resolution last year!)
  • Finish Ten Stitch Corner Blanket before it's owner is born... May is coming so soon!
  • Get my stash in order!

They all seem more or less doable, maybe except the last one. But 75% success rate should keep me satisfied for another year.

So... have a nice year! :)