Monday, June 29, 2015

Latest creation: Serration!

Ladies and gentleman! After a long, sometimes dull process of designing, knitting, writing pattern, taking pictures, convincing husband that photographing my both hands at once is impossible without his help...
I'm proud to present, an all new pattern:

<drum roll>


Fingerless Mittens

Gauge: 30sts/10cm with 2,5 dpns stockinette in round
I don't measure my vertical gauge. Just try your mitten from time to time to see if it still fits.
MC-Main Color
CC – Contrast Color
M1R – make one right = right slanting increase
M1L – make one left = left slanting increase
PM – Place Marker

CO 52sts (using MC) 

Rows 1-30 - Cuff:
while kitting k2p2 – divide into 3 (18-16-18) or 4 needles (13 each)

k2p2 for 30 rows in total (or for desired length if you want longer cuffs)

Rows 31-40:
k all stitches

Row 41:
k3 M1R k1 PM k to last 4 sts, PM, k1 M1L k3

First marker placed

Row 42:
k all stitches

Rows 43-52:
Odd rows: k until there's one st left before marker, M1R, k1, slip marker, knit to next marker, slip marker, k1, M1L, k to end of round
Even rows: k all sts
You should now have 64 sts divided into thumb section (20) and palm section (44)

Rows 53-58:
Knit chart A

Dot indicates where to begin

Place last 10 sts on a separate dpn while knitting the last row

Row 59:
k7 sts with 1st dpn, k next 3 sts with 2nd dpn along with 3 sts of the dpn that contains last 20 sts of the row. Knit last 7 sts with 3rd dpn.

You can get rid of the markers at this point. Also you might consider moving unused stitches to a piece of scrap yarn or a circular needle. Unless you are comfortable with working with 7 dpns at once :)


With CC
Rows 60-62:
k all stitches

Rows 63-66:
k1 p1 I recommend using twisted rib stitch!
bind off


With CC
Row 60:
k dividing into 3 needles (16-16-12), pick up 4 sts from side of your thumb gusset. You may need to sew some holes later. (48)

Red dots are the stitches from thumb section I used for picking up 4 sts mentioned in row 60. Picture on the right shows stitches picked up from one (red) and the other (yellow) side of the thumb,

Rows 61-69:
k all stitches

Rows 70-75:
Knit chart B

Dot indicates where to begin

Here's how the finished colorwork looks like: 

Rows 76-83:
k1 p1 (again – twisted rib stitch looks better)
bind off

Repeat rows 1-83 to create a second mitten. :-)

© Copyright M. Machowska - Escherichia, June 2015

© Copyright for pattern remains with the designer. Intended for personal use only.
Not for commercial use.

Selling items made from this pattern is not permitted.

Pattern pdf available on Ravelry: here.

I hope you enjoyed it! As opposed to Korek, who refused to take part in photo session.

"Go away. I've got some dog business to attend to."
Now I will have to make some progress on my husband's vest, or wait for another creativity wave.
Have a nice afternoon!


Friday, June 26, 2015

I'm back... just in time for my last holidays!

Phew! I did it!!! Passed all six exams, moved back home from Katowice and spent hours trying to squeeze all my clothes and books into one wardrobe and few shelves.

Now I can enjoy my last holidays. I'm starting my internship in October, so there are three lazy months ahead.
Korek is also happy about my return. He can now get cuddles more often! :)

I didn't knit much lately but I managed to finish my first fingerless mitten. I will publish the pattern as soon as I test it by knitting the second one.

Sooo... pattern coming up soon! Now I have to go and enjoy a nap or something equally undemanding.

Have a nice afternoon!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tiny Socks & Big Challenges

Using my gathered "sock-making momentum" I made a pair of totally cute baby socks! :3

They were completed in no time! Like 1/2 sock per hour. That's ultra-fast compared to male size socks! And also very economical.

Unfortunately I had to give up knitting for a wile. At least until my finals are over. I have just two exams left... the hardest ones. Luckily I no longer have to stay in Katowice. So I relax in my garden. Learning, taking some pictures...

And secretly crocheting a shawl (shhhh!)

I said I would give up KNITTING, didn't I? :)

Have a nice afternoon!


Thursday, June 4, 2015

S is for Sasquatch Socks!

And finally! My hubby's huge socks are FINISHED! Size is 45 (10,5 UK, 11 US).
I started by casting on 72 sts. Did 28 rows of heel flap. Went down to 70 sts for the foot. 60 rows done before toe shaping .

Yesterday we watched Avatar (yup, for the first time) and since it was not exactly mind challenging - I managed to bring both socks to the toe shaping. 

I got up early today, so it wasn't long until I was ready to do some grafting:

Here's what they look like on my feet, I feel tiny!

And here's something special! My Big Foot agreed to wear them for a small session.
He says they feel a bit too loose around ankles. Well, it's a little too late to fix that :)

Now I have to hide my stash somewhere and get back to studying :)

Have a nice day! 


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer begins in 3... 2... 1...

Aaah! June started with summer heat and lovely sunny days! It's a shame to spend it all poring over books... so I awarded myself with some garden time :)
And I wasn't the only one who got shamelessly lazy today!

Our nightingale finally found his beloved one and stopped his all night long recitals. And since nature abhors a vacuum... Now we are condemned to listen to desperate squeaking of young and endlessly hungry long-eared owls. Still that's way better than urban noise in big city! 

This morning I caught a chickadee checking out the bird house on an apple tree.

As the season changed, new flowers are blooming in our garden. Red peonies and cornflowers are just two of my long list of favourites!

I felt kind of stupid knitting warm, woolly socks while sitting in warm sunshine. But as they say.. forewarned is forearmed! Winter will come sooner or later :)

I'm just few rows from finishing! Well.. more like 80 rows, but still.

Now I have to get back to work and read at least few pages before I can justify taking another break.

Have a nice afternoon!