Monday, June 29, 2015

Latest creation: Serration!

Ladies and gentleman! After a long, sometimes dull process of designing, knitting, writing pattern, taking pictures, convincing husband that photographing my both hands at once is impossible without his help...
I'm proud to present, an all new pattern:

<drum roll>


Fingerless Mittens

Gauge: 30sts/10cm with 2,5 dpns stockinette in round
I don't measure my vertical gauge. Just try your mitten from time to time to see if it still fits.
MC-Main Color
CC – Contrast Color
M1R – make one right = right slanting increase
M1L – make one left = left slanting increase
PM – Place Marker

CO 52sts (using MC) 

Rows 1-30 - Cuff:
while kitting k2p2 – divide into 3 (18-16-18) or 4 needles (13 each)

k2p2 for 30 rows in total (or for desired length if you want longer cuffs)

Rows 31-40:
k all stitches

Row 41:
k3 M1R k1 PM k to last 4 sts, PM, k1 M1L k3

First marker placed

Row 42:
k all stitches

Rows 43-52:
Odd rows: k until there's one st left before marker, M1R, k1, slip marker, knit to next marker, slip marker, k1, M1L, k to end of round
Even rows: k all sts
You should now have 64 sts divided into thumb section (20) and palm section (44)

Rows 53-58:
Knit chart A

Dot indicates where to begin

Place last 10 sts on a separate dpn while knitting the last row

Row 59:
k7 sts with 1st dpn, k next 3 sts with 2nd dpn along with 3 sts of the dpn that contains last 20 sts of the row. Knit last 7 sts with 3rd dpn.

You can get rid of the markers at this point. Also you might consider moving unused stitches to a piece of scrap yarn or a circular needle. Unless you are comfortable with working with 7 dpns at once :)


With CC
Rows 60-62:
k all stitches

Rows 63-66:
k1 p1 I recommend using twisted rib stitch!
bind off


With CC
Row 60:
k dividing into 3 needles (16-16-12), pick up 4 sts from side of your thumb gusset. You may need to sew some holes later. (48)

Red dots are the stitches from thumb section I used for picking up 4 sts mentioned in row 60. Picture on the right shows stitches picked up from one (red) and the other (yellow) side of the thumb,

Rows 61-69:
k all stitches

Rows 70-75:
Knit chart B

Dot indicates where to begin

Here's how the finished colorwork looks like: 

Rows 76-83:
k1 p1 (again – twisted rib stitch looks better)
bind off

Repeat rows 1-83 to create a second mitten. :-)

© Copyright M. Machowska - Escherichia, June 2015

© Copyright for pattern remains with the designer. Intended for personal use only.
Not for commercial use.

Selling items made from this pattern is not permitted.

Pattern pdf available on Ravelry: here.

I hope you enjoyed it! As opposed to Korek, who refused to take part in photo session.

"Go away. I've got some dog business to attend to."
Now I will have to make some progress on my husband's vest, or wait for another creativity wave.
Have a nice afternoon!


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