Sunday, December 18, 2016

Great Bear Makeover.

Since I started working over a month ago, my free time is reduced to few hours a day. The fact that it gets dark before I even finish my dinner doesn't help either.

But enough whining! I did something very special today.
Mom asked me if I still had my pillows that I bought for stuffing amigurumi. "Sure, what do you need stuffed?"
And she gave me this:

That is my dearly beloved teddy bear! I can't even estimate his age. I'm 100% sure I had him already in 1995 when I went to preschool. And he wasn't in much better shape back then :)
Over years he lost the nose, along with most of his volume. My grandma did her best to rescue him on multiple occasions. But let's make it clear - there was no fiberfill back in 1990s!

I didn't even had to cut him open, because he was already torn on the side, and partially decapitated.

[warning: graphic image]

Inside I found multiple hard chunks of old stuffing, some cloths and even piece of a sleeve(?).
Here's a picture of my flattened bear - as you can see he wasn't much better before:

I used two types of filling: older low quality one I got from an old pillow - I put it in limbs, because it is thicker and holds shape better. Head and belly were filled with the best fiberfill I could find. I did some stitching and to my surprise...

...I discovered that my bear was designed to sit on his own. He NEVER did!

In case you wonder why is he nameless - as a kid I rarely named my toys.
He wasn't just a bear though, he was the Bear!

Good to have you back, pal!

Have a nice afternoon.


PS.: In my town there's a saying that when sky is red in December - Santa bakes cookies. He's clearly busy this year :))