Saturday, November 28, 2015

Blankets & chickadees!

My facebook page informs me how long it is since my last post.
17 days?! How did that happen?
Ever since I finished my courses and frequent train trips days seems to go by three times faster than they used to!

So I made it to the last corner of my Ten Stitch Corner.

I finished the third one on November 18th but I had problems with pictures. It turned out sunlight no longer lights my room's floor. Sun is too low in the sky and shines only on my walls. Without it colors look unnatural.
See for yourselves:

I had to go outside today and borrow my dog's seat car cover (as a background) to get a decent photo.
While I was taking picture I noticed that chickadees got really daring this year! Usually they are shy, but today they ignored me and kept feasting.

My dad made them yet another kind of feeder:

Although it's more for blackbirds, because I haven't seen a vegan chickadee yet :)

I already have another blankie on my mind... but I need to wait a little more. I need to be sure if I can use shades of pink or should go for "safer" palette.

Have a nice day!


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Busy week.

Last week I didn't have much time to progress on my Ten Stitch Corner. I attended my graduation ceremony and a ball afterwards, which prevented me from getting much sleep last weekend.
Today it's our National Independence Day so I'm celebrating, and enjoying a day off.

I did travel over 800km back and forth since my last update. This equals 20 hours sitting on a train, but sometimes I was just too tired to knit.
Nevertheless on November 2nd I passed the 50% mark!

Since then I slowed a bit, and currently my blankie looks like this:

Colors look much better in nature! We had gorgeous weather last week, but since Saturday we're back to more traditional autumn. It's a bit gloomy outside, so my camera goes crazy.

It is still surprisingly warm for November. Few days ago I spotted a ladybug convent of some sort. There were dozens of them, maybe plotting something:

Korek also enjoyed last week's sunny weather, trying to charge his inner batteries for upcoming winter.

I offered to prepare my all-time favourite meatballs in tomato sauce for today's dinner, so I need to get myself to kitchen,

Have I nice afternoon!