Sunday, March 20, 2016

Springtime Knitting Power-up!

Now that I no longer have to worry about not making a baby blanket in time I have a chance of finishing my WIP's! Or to start new ones...

So about two weeks ago I found this new (to me at least) yarn brand. I was looking for a nice soft acrylic for my Mysterious Purple-Grey Thing, and just by accident I also purchased a skein of Nako Ombre in red-purple. It is a rather cheap 75% acrylic 25% wool mix, and my drop stitch scarf probably won't last longer than one season, but I'd say it was worth it!  Finished scarf is soft, warm, colors are wonderful, and yarn did not break once during knitting. And it took me just one skein and five afternoons to complete:

Of course I had a little helper, who is still dissapointed I didn't let him use Ten Stitch Corner as a doggie blanket. His little paws were reaching to check if the gauge is right.

Before you all think I'm a bad person, who wouldn't make anything for her poor dog:
It was my very first Ravelry project (ones with earlier dates are from my pre-Ravelry period).
What did I get for my commitment, should you ask?
A nasty growl when I tried to dress him up for a walk!  

See? I'm not the one who's evil!

My Mysterious Purple-Grey Thing is finished, but I'll be able to share it in May, because (again) it's a birthday gift. I decided to make a second, similar Thing, so the first one would have a company.
The yarn I'm using for both projects is a 100% acrylic Nako Rekor. I don't know if it would be nice for sweaters, but for toys it works great!

There's a slight chance we might get through Easter without snow! Last Easter in March ended with us stuck in snow while trying to visit my fiance's granny. Forecasts are more optimistic this year. Weather is still rather chilly, but at least now we have sunny days!

Time to make a shameful confession... When I finished my second ever baby blanket I swore I won't start another one anytime soon. Well, as I learned the term "anytime soon" can mean "at least for one week", because yesterday I ordered yarn for a christening blanket... for my  co-worker's baby-to-be. This needs to be done by July, so there's stillplenty of time left! What worries me is that she picked a lacy pattern, which might cause me some trouble, and that we only got seven 50g skeins - all that was left in yarn shop.
Ahhh, waiting for a squishy parcel to arrive is pure pleasure!

Have a nice afternoon!


PS.: Korek says "hello!"

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ten Stitch Grand Finale!

After 155days it is finally done!
My Ten Stitch Corner Blankie. Free pattern from Frankie Brown - here.

Took a little less than 4 skeins of Ă–ren Bayan Merino Gold II batik yarn. I started each square with new skein. The last corner took me AGES to complete!

Nevertheless it was a fun project to make, and it's great that work is divided into parts. I would have given up long time ago if I were to knit it in one piece!

My worst fear was that I will mess up the sewing part. But after a few tries I got pretty handy with stitching my corners together.

What surprised me is the size! IT IS HUGE! I blocked squares before sewing and now it is a one full square meter of a fluffy, cozy blankie. Here's my knitted cat Garrus, for scale.

When I cast off the final square I arranged it on the floor to take first pictures (with my phone - hence low quality). Korek wanted to tell me I should keep my blanket and give it to him. As a token of our friendship I guess. Or would it be a sign of gratitude for "guarding" (aka. stealing) my yarn?

"Can we keep it?"
"But mooooooom!"
The real new owner of my work isn't even born yet. I got two month ahead of schedule. This gave me a real boost and I already have several new WIPs. 
Weather is perfect for knitting. In fact it hasn't changed since two weeks:

I think I deserve a big cup of  coffee and some chocolate!
Have a nice afternoon! 


PS,: Doesn't my new mysterious project look a bit familiar?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How to make your thumbs sore in three days.

Spring is getting nearer! At least it was until March started... with a blizzard. Now all morning snow is gone and everything is just soaking wet. Outside humidity stays between 85 and HH% since weekend. Knitting makes me sleepy on such a dull day, so I had to find a different distraction.

Since my studies I have a never-ending pile of post-it notes. I rarely use them, maybe just for groceries list or for short notes for my husband.
On Monday afternoon I decided to put my office supplies into a good use, and after a quick Pinterest search I found a basic modular origami unit called sonobe.
Two days, and 1/3rd of my paper stack later...

I'm terrible at using glue of any kind, so assembling those was perfect for me! No glue needed AT ALL!

During my struggle to assemble a pentakis dodecahedron (the biggest one) I wandered into crafty part of youtube. And I'm astounded by other people skills! 
I followed WXYZ Kusudama tutorial by Ignacio Smith (see here). Putting it together made me furious, but final look is almost professional. 

And here's my biggest origami achievement so far:

Turtorial is called Fireworks by HandiWorks (see here). I'm amazed how well it keeps the shape. I turned it inside out multiple times so far and nothing came apart! 

My fingers are sore from all the folding, but I'm still looking for an easy, no-glue, Kusudama diagram. 
Wish me luck! 

Have a nice afternoon!