Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ten Stitch Grand Finale!

After 155days it is finally done!
My Ten Stitch Corner Blankie. Free pattern from Frankie Brown - here.

Took a little less than 4 skeins of Ă–ren Bayan Merino Gold II batik yarn. I started each square with new skein. The last corner took me AGES to complete!

Nevertheless it was a fun project to make, and it's great that work is divided into parts. I would have given up long time ago if I were to knit it in one piece!

My worst fear was that I will mess up the sewing part. But after a few tries I got pretty handy with stitching my corners together.

What surprised me is the size! IT IS HUGE! I blocked squares before sewing and now it is a one full square meter of a fluffy, cozy blankie. Here's my knitted cat Garrus, for scale.

When I cast off the final square I arranged it on the floor to take first pictures (with my phone - hence low quality). Korek wanted to tell me I should keep my blanket and give it to him. As a token of our friendship I guess. Or would it be a sign of gratitude for "guarding" (aka. stealing) my yarn?

"Can we keep it?"
"But mooooooom!"
The real new owner of my work isn't even born yet. I got two month ahead of schedule. This gave me a real boost and I already have several new WIPs. 
Weather is perfect for knitting. In fact it hasn't changed since two weeks:

I think I deserve a big cup of  coffee and some chocolate!
Have a nice afternoon! 


PS,: Doesn't my new mysterious project look a bit familiar?

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