Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How to make your thumbs sore in three days.

Spring is getting nearer! At least it was until March started... with a blizzard. Now all morning snow is gone and everything is just soaking wet. Outside humidity stays between 85 and HH% since weekend. Knitting makes me sleepy on such a dull day, so I had to find a different distraction.

Since my studies I have a never-ending pile of post-it notes. I rarely use them, maybe just for groceries list or for short notes for my husband.
On Monday afternoon I decided to put my office supplies into a good use, and after a quick Pinterest search I found a basic modular origami unit called sonobe.
Two days, and 1/3rd of my paper stack later...

I'm terrible at using glue of any kind, so assembling those was perfect for me! No glue needed AT ALL!

During my struggle to assemble a pentakis dodecahedron (the biggest one) I wandered into crafty part of youtube. And I'm astounded by other people skills! 
I followed WXYZ Kusudama tutorial by Ignacio Smith (see here). Putting it together made me furious, but final look is almost professional. 

And here's my biggest origami achievement so far:

Turtorial is called Fireworks by HandiWorks (see here). I'm amazed how well it keeps the shape. I turned it inside out multiple times so far and nothing came apart! 

My fingers are sore from all the folding, but I'm still looking for an easy, no-glue, Kusudama diagram. 
Wish me luck! 

Have a nice afternoon!


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