Sunday, February 21, 2016

This Frog is no more!

Dreams came true! My hubby talked me into purchasing a pattern I had on my mind since... forever. Also once every few months someone would send me a link to it or post it on my Facebook wall. I guess it was destiny?


(pattern is called Biology 101 by Emily Stoneking)

I cannot express how much fun I had knitting this! I used a skein of leftover Drops Lima in forest green (and some pistachio for guts). It gave my frog a rather luxurious feel. 
Since I don't have any felting equipment I had to improvise on my own version of guts. And I am very pleased with this little freeform knitting experience.

Even my mom was so charmed she let me use one of her picture frames (bought, as usual, just in case) and a piece of red felt. I couldn't lay my hands on T-pins, so I used regular ones. 
Now all that's left is to find a place for on my wall:

Next week I have another shot at my state exam. I already passed it, but there's always room for improvement. Please, keep your fingers crossed (unless you are knitting/crocheting)! 

Have a nice afternoon!


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