Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Annual First Bee Day 2016!

Remember last year's First Bee Day?
This year it's much earlier! I hope this little bee knows what she's doing flying out so soon!

Our garden really starts to look like sprig is just around the corner:

Few days ago I dug one of my unfinished projects - My Wedding Stole:

I started it in 2013 and was planning to wear it on my wedding in July 2014. However when I finally picked my wedding dress it no longer matched. On top of that, it was a really hot summer!

So.. I decided to frog my stole's remains and go for something easy yet gorgeous looking. And I found Banana Leaf Shawl pattern. Unfortunately my lovely husband showed me how to add my card to PayPal account... now I can buy whatever I wish without asking him for help. Clever move, honey! 

It's quite straightforward and easy to do without looking into pattern. I'm using Drops Lace for this in natural white and 4mm needles. Believe it or not but this part took only 7 grams of my 100g skein:

The pattern will surely pop out when it's blocked! Also it's so soft! Almost like Tiny Tina's fur!
I hope this time I will have enough patience to finish this - I need to have it so bad! In fact, I'm getting back to work right now.

Have a nice afternoon! 


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