Sunday, January 31, 2016

Knitter's block.

Is there such a thing? You know, like writer's bock? I'm pretty sure there is...
...and I'm in the middle of it :(

Since my last post (three weeks ago) I managed to set up pockets and ALMOST finish ring cables in my Creamy Cardi. If it wasn't for Netflix I probably wouldn't knit a single row. But since we finally got it in Poland I have a reason/excuse to knit every evening.

I made it longer than the pattern said. 
Otherwise I would end up with pockets starting somewhere here:

I should be getting to ribbing pretty soon. I think I will go for tubular bind-off again, because I used it on collar and I absolutely loved it! Yes, yes, it takes a lot of time to complete but effects are great - no flaring and whole thing stretches just right. 
Doing Kitchener stitch over 195 stitches? Sounds like fun!

Yesterday I went on a train trip to Katowice with my hubby. Voluntary this time! We ate delicious burgers, finally went to see Revenant and had a really good time. 
And look what I took out of a slightly dusty project bag:

I'm just two double corners away from completing it! I... CAN... DO... IT! 
Also I still have some weeks left until it's new owner is born - my friend is having her baby girl in May :)

Maybe my knitter's block will go away? I can feel this tingling in my fingers! Time to knit!

Have a nice afternoon!


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