Friday, January 1, 2016


Happy New Year!

I couldn't bring myself to go out today and take any pictures, because winter has finally arrived. After warm, sunny Christmas we now have windy, dark and cold days.

I guess it's time to look back at my last year's work. Here we go:

In 2015:
I added 31 new Ravelry projects.
4 of them are still WIP.
I also started countless side projects, which never even reached my Ravelry notebook.

Judging by this chart, amigurumi is still my favorite craft category! :)

My husband decided that the Best Project of 2015 Award goes to..

No surprise here - BB-8!

If I were to choose my personal favourite I would probably go with Harby the Reaper:

... or BB-8 :)

The one that made me feel really proud was Box-o-Gnomes:

And finally.. one I would like to forget about is my Creamy Cardi, In fact, today I decided to restart this one using smaller needles and totally different pattern. I think this counts as a New Year's resolution, doesn't it?

Speaking of resolutions, there are few others I made:
  • Keep my blog alive for another year (actually it all started as my resolution last year!)
  • Finish Ten Stitch Corner Blanket before it's owner is born... May is coming so soon!
  • Get my stash in order!

They all seem more or less doable, maybe except the last one. But 75% success rate should keep me satisfied for another year.

So... have a nice year! :)


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  1. Found you on the Rav blog group. LOVE love love your box of Gnomes