Saturday, May 30, 2015

Waterworks Tour!

Yesterday I went on a tiny sight-seeing with my Mom. Our Waterworks Department organised an open-house event just few blocks from our house. They gave a lecture (we got there too late), invited a barman to make drinks form water they provided and made some of their historic buildings available for visitors.

We went into an underground old water reservoir. it's not used anymore and was turned into a small museum. It is damp and a little bit creepy inside...

See? Creepy!

The most beautiful building is probably the water tower, which turned 140 last year! Construction was finished in 1874. Sadly, currently it is in a bad condition. 

Unfortunately I did not bring Hasiok along with me! He would have enjoined it a lot. I certainly did!

Have a nice afternoon! 


Friday, May 29, 2015

Rainy days are over!

Last week May started to resemble cold, rainy and sad November. Temperature dropped to 10°C and I haven't seen sunshine since Monday. Unfortunately people from our housing association were in denial and didn't turn heating on. I spent most of my week drinking hot tea and trying not to let any of my limbs outside a blanket.

Spring, however is still in the bloom. Today weather got better. Two lovely magpies decided to build their next right next to my kitchen window. They are working so hard! And they're doing good, just have a look:

Yes, it's that bunch of sticks between branches. Perfectly good nest!

My old notebook could not be revived by any means. Luckily I was ready for this and could afford a new one. I love it! Especially split screen function. I no longer have to jump between bookmarks in search of a word I'm missing.

I still have 4 exams to go, but now JUST one exam per week, so I might have more time for knitting.
I got to gusset shaping on one of my hubby's sock and the other has it's heel turned.

I love the yarn! It's even, and pure pleasure to work with. Of course my camera gets lost with the shade, so I converted those to B&W.

Turned heel

And heel flap's rich texture.

Now I will have some of my well-earned rest. And finally I will be spending more time at home than in Katowice! 

Have a lovely afternoon!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My notebook's last farewell.

  Unfortunately, instead of a new post I have to publish sad news about my laptop. After 5 years of loyal cooperation it decided to die on me just after first of my six exams.
So... I'll catch up with you as soon as I get my hands on a working equipment. At least I can work on my socks while waiting... Every cloud has a silver lining :)

Have a nice day!


Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's the end of the world as we know it...

..and I feel fine! So here it is... Tomorrow it's my last day on the university.
Just six exams to pass, some paperwork to fill in and off we go! Graduates!

I have to say: it's been one heck of a ride!

Today I would like to share with you some of my yarn-connected memories.

Ready? Here we go!

It all started with this little mouse. I was really tired with hours and hours of constant studying and wanted to do something fun. As you can see I was a huge fan of crocheting into one loop only. Apparently I thought that was the correct way to do it. How far have I traveled from there!

Brought more ambitious Amigurumi projects, and also even less time for crocheting. Most of my toys were given away to new owners, so I low quality pics are all I have left.

I enjoyed making funny little mascots for my classmates. Here's The Ugliest Bunny made for my flatmate, Chicken-pencil case - a gift for our Christmas party.
Every one of those gift tells a different story :)

And here is my first big  Amigurumi! Polka Dot Bear! He was given away to charity to help raise money for kids, who were spending their Christmas in hospitals. 

This is when I started designing things!
Here's Dachshund Claw (pattern on Ravelry: here). My flatmate's dachsie was an inspiration for this one. It is by far the most successful of my designs.

Tapeworm Bookmark was designed as a gift for my friend. He still uses it! :) This is also my first "medical" design. 

I also made A LOT of different key charms. Ballerina mouse, Rocky mouse... you name it!

There was of course another Christmas party. This time I made Owl Coasters! 

And two lovely Geckos for my to lovely nieces!

During Winter Term I focused on my needs and made the Khajit Cowl. It is probably the most complicated thing I ever made:

I also took part in am amigurumi design competition. Did not win but it was a great fun! 

There was also my first baby blanket for the first baby that was born in our group! 

Hasiok&Friends blog was founded on January 8th!
I also designed my first sweater: Autumn Mess. Post about it is the most viewed one on my blog.

And last but not least. This is the year in which I learned how to knit socks! Yay me!

Soo.. that's it! As I said... the best ride! 

I'm not sure what future will bring, but I hope it will bring more yarn along with it :)

Now I need to get back to work if I really want to graduate!

Have a nice afternoon!

PS.: in case you ever wondered how my workplace looks like during preparation for finals:

That also happens to be a pretty accurate illustration of chaos :)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Star Wars Project!

There are only 214 days left until Star Wars episode VII! 
How do I know?
There's an online countdown.

My husband is a die-hard Star Wars fan. He also doesn't like when I knit/crochet and watch movies at the same time. I decided to make him something that will stop him from complaining about me knitting "all the time".
He promised he will wear it for the premiere! Can't wait!
I present to you the All-Terrain Awesome-Tank!

Which is a vest really, but "tank" fits the title better :)

I came up with the idea of joining traditional Norwegian ornaments with AT-ATs and Tie Fighters about a month ago. It took me quite a time to plan it. 

I just finished the bottom part and got to a bit boring, plain middle section. Due to my dangerously near finals I work mostly during my train trips. I'm using an acrylic-wool mix. Maybe not top notch quality, but it's pleasant to work with.

I will probably do some embroidery work to enhance the look of Tie Interceptors. Yes, yes those are interceptors not fighters because they have curved wings. As a geek's wife you just have to know... things.

As for my Sockalong adventure: it continues! I'm now a proud member of the Winwick Mum Sockalong Society and my green socks  photo is a part of the official banner!
My yarn stash got a bit bigger (again), and I'm working on second pair of socks. This time for my husband, of course.
Yesterday we had a small family grill party outside. What can be better than late afternoon with knitting and great food? 

Have a nice afternoon!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I'm a Sockaholic!

Just finished my first ever pair of socks! I'm so proud! 

I still have enough of this gorgeous green wool to make another pair of shorties. 
Ok, I admit that they are short because I couldn't wait to try out heel turning :) This was the best laziness-associated decision I have ever made!

Special thanks to Christine (Winwick Mum) for organising this crazy Sockalong!
I'm off to knitting next pair! This time for my husband. 

Have a nice afternoon! (but not warm enough to keep you from wearing knitted socks :P)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sockalong Episode 2 - Heels Strike Back.

Knitting socks has been taken to a whole new level! Currently there are over 670 people joining the facebook group. Short circular needles went out of stock in most online shops.
Things got serious!

This week we are making heel flaps, heel turns and gusset shaping!
As an impatient creature I started the second step two days ago.
Here are finished heel flaps. My "not short enough" circulars serve as a great stitch holder!

I passed my first exam (just 7 to go)... so I'm in for a lazy knitting weekend! I've earned it!
Now that weather got really warm I can finally spend my time on the front porch. There are two oak trees across the road and there's a nightingale sitting on one of them. He keeps on singing for most of the time. It's lovely but at 4AM... not so much.

I love how neatly does it look knitted in plain yarn! I picked it because I wanted to make sure I can see all mistakes. It was a good idea! I found my lost stitch in no time!

Turning heel was easy, although I got it wrong the first time and had to frog a little bit. Second approach was successful!

I continued my work with 5 DPNs so I did not have to use markers. In fact I couldn't use them, as they would just slip from my needles :)

Today I have one fully shaped gusset and one turned heel done. It was easier than I imagined!
Here's the first one:

I don't know if I should move on to second sock or finish the first one. Oh what a dilemma!

Have a nice afternoon!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Sucked into Sockalong

I started my first Sockalong project yesterday... and got sucked into it helplessly! 
Sockalong is held by Winwick Mum on her blog: here, as well as on Facebook: here.

To be honest: this is my second attempt. The first one was a classic fail. All because I just HATE knitting swatches, tensions squares, whatever you call them! So I skipped that part, cast on my first sock and started working.
I was surprised I could knit it with a 40cm long circular needle. But since I've never used short circulars before I thought that's ok. I was even proud!

Here's happy Hasiok helping me out:

I traveled 2 hours on train to Katowice knitting mindlessly. When I got in my apartment I tried the cuff on, and discovered that it's at least 3-4 cm too wide. Sure, I could continue work and give finished socks to my husband... but maybe next time :)

Second approach goes smooth so far. The yarn I'm working with is 100% wool, I couldn't find it online so it is probably quite old. It is one of yarns I got as my Easter Surprise.

My re-checked gauge is 24 sts for 10cm. I'm working my 52 stitches with good old DPNs. I was unable to close the loop with my short circular.
I can't seem to capture this shade of green with my camera correctly, this is the closest to original:

I never thought joining a knitalong would be so much fun! It's a worldwide thing now! This morning, before I left for classes, I had some time to enjoy my coffee and knit a few rows. In the same time other knitters were preparing for their bedtime (in US) or enjoying their afternoon (Australia). That's really amazing!

It is now 9:30PM here in Poland, so there's still time for few centimeters of lovely stockinette stitch!

Have a nice afternoon/morning/night/etc.!


PS.: May the fourth be with you all!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

May-Day Trip.

It's a long May weekend in Poland! We celebrate a series of national holidays over May 1st to 3rd.
And since the weather  got sunny all of a sudden we decided to go for a small trip outside of town.
We visited the Post-Cysterian Monastery and Palace Complex in Rudy just 25 km from were we live.

When I was a kid I often visited this place with my parents. Lately whole abbey underwent a thorough renovation.. and now it looks simply amazing!

There's a beautiful gothic basilica (at least the interior is still gothic... exterior was "modernised" in  a different style), monastery and a vast park with old oak alleys and complicated system of canals. They are all connected to nearby river - Rudka, and their history goes back to XIIIth century.
You can read more on the official website: here (in English).

The park surrounding the complex is now full of vibrant shades of green. There is a beautiful composition of rhododendrons on one of the clearings, but they will not bloom until June.

The river that flows through the center of it is broad and lazy and has clear water, so you can see the rusty sand on the bottom. That is where the name came from - "rudy" means "rusty/ginger" in Polish. Local soil is rich in iron ore... and "ore" is what Polish word "ruda" means.
Yup, my first language can be tricky :)

Picking flowers is strictly forbidden in the park and surrounding forest, so we could only look and admire. Most of undergrowth is now covered with wild garlic, know here more as bear's garlic. You can make delicious pesto from it's leaves! 

Last but not least. The biggest and oldest oak in the park: Cysters Oak. It's approx 450 years old, 32 meters tall and 720cm in diameter. It also has a big opening at the bottom of the trunk. I can easily fit inside :)

Refreshed and relaxed I can get back to work. I started a new secret knitting project and joined Winwick Mum's Sockalong which begins tomorrow.
Aaalso there are 8 exams ahead but right now I feel rather optimistic!

Have a nice evening!