Saturday, April 4, 2015


It's time for Easter eggs! Dyeing eggs in a "soup" made of onion's peelings is a common tradition in Poland. It gives them a rich, rusty color. The key to achieving a dark, even tint is degreasing eggs at first. I wash them with detergent, and then swab with 95% ethanol to get a dry, clean surface.
I also add few drops of vinegar to the mixture and cook it together for 10 minutes. 
Color can also be enhanced by greasing and polishing finished Easter eggs.

A year ago I found an interesting modification to that method. It involves different leaves (the more complex shape - the better) and old stockings/tights cut into pieces. I was a bit sceptical at first. We all now the bitter taste of failed Pinterest projects, don't we? But this is soooo great! 

I made those with my husband. I took us less than hour to complete it, including a trip to garden in a search of leaves.

My (Sn)uggly project has been suspended for the moment.
 Last Tuesday I got a message from my former classmate, who asked if I would like to "adopt" some yarn that she wouldn't need anymore. 

Best Easter Surprise Ever! 

Hasiok is also happy about it!

I got it all organised in my huge wicker basket and started working on my dream project! 

Ripple blanket!

 I adore all blankets made by Lucy from attic24 but the Neat Ripple pattern is my all-time favourite! 
Here are my small samples of all blue-ish yarns. They are different brands, but all of them 100% acrylic and in comparable weight.

I'm planning on making it approx 1x2 meters, so I can put it across my bed,over the pillows.  Oooh! Can't wait to get started! 

Have a nice afternoon! And Happy Easter!

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