Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bunnies & Chicks!

Easter is just around a corner. However judging by the weather I'm not really sure if it's Easter or Christmas...

Aaanyway! Today I had a lot of fun with a marzipan bar & some food coloring.

 Believe it or not was my first time dyeing food! My mom was never fond of artificial sweeteners, dyes and flavors. I have to say at first I was a bit disappointed with the effect. I imagined that adding just few drops of it will make my marzipan bright yellow or red & so on (yeah, thank you Pinterest). Not really...

The overall effect is sweet, but I admit... I did let out a malediction or two while trying to mix it all properly.


I mixed 200g of marzipan with 50g of powdered sugar, and split it in half.
Here's a short photo-diary of my work:

Part I: Chicks!

Bigger ball is supposed to be yellow :) The red one could be smaller, I didn't use it all up.

And here are chicks basis! There were 15 of them. I split the big ball of dough into 16 smaller ones and left one for decorations.

Then I took small nubs from the leftover ball and created curled feathers for each chick's head.

Beaks are simple cones made from red dough. I didn't think they would hold... 

...but they did!

I don't like painting with those sugar markers so I made eyes by poking my chicks with a toothpick. Cruel, yet good-looking!

Pat II: Bunnies!

For bunnies I used undyed marzipan. Rolled it into small balls and then into cylindr-ish shapes.

Aaaand then I noticed that my camera is all sticky with sugar, and so I stopped documenting my work :(

Ears were made similarly to chick's feathers, but they're a bit longer. And tails were made from tiny marzipan balls. I attached them by poking it with a toothpick near the basis. That's kind of gross but effective... and somewhat anatomically correct :)


Have a nice afternoon!


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