Friday, April 24, 2015

I made a tiny panda, and my dog made a friend... kinda.

I love microamigurumi! I'm not skilled enough to make super-tiny animals, but I'm doing my best! Lately I made a Tiny Panda. I used free pattern by Sharon Ojala from Amigurumi To Go.
Made with 0,8mm hook and embroidery thread split in half (leftovers from the friendship bracelet).

I had to improvise as I ran out of black thread. That's why ears have 4 instead of 6 base scs, and patches were painted on. There's a safety pin in the back, I might replace it with a chain later. Tiny Panda is now a key ring for my car keys.

I also made the head and body in one piece. The less joining the better for me!

As for my dog making a "friend"... He is a one nosy creature! That's why he just can't leave anything be without at least trying to smell it. As you can imagine... sniffing a hedgehog ends up with multiple puncture wounds and a furious dog.
Yesterday I had to evacuate such a careless hedgehog from my backyard. He wasn't too happy about it,  and neither was Korek who continued to drool for the better part of the evening.

Now I need to get back to baking my first birthday cake. It's for my husbands (and mine) birthday party tomorrow. No pressure, right? I just hope I won't end up on Craftfail.. again.

Remember those lovely cherry flowers I posted last week? Well that was just a prelude!

Have a nice evening!


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