Friday, February 20, 2015

“True friends stab you in the front.”

I am aware that Throwback Thursday is already gone, but still:

Probably the majority of crafters went through a phase called "friendship bracelets". Some of us made simple striped ones, some mastered wide, colorful, tremendously complicated patterns. As for me, I was somewhere between, but still closer to stripes than 12-colored celtic ornaments.

I stopped wearing my bracelets some time after joining med school. Wearing pieces of cotton jewelery that you cannot take off and/or wash it's not a good idea when you visit multiple hospitals.
My husband however, with his MA in English Philology didn't face such epidemiological issues. I am obliged to make him a new bracelet each time the old one brakes.

Two days ago his striped blue bracelet ripped, at least that's what he told me. OK, no problem. I picked more complicated pattern with silverish diamonds on black background (pattern here).

I regretted it almost immediately, but as those of you who made at least one bracelet probably know... Frogging is not an option here. So I contiunued slowly, plucking my own hair from between the knots, and muttering all known cursewords.
Today I looked for the old one to compare length and that's when I discovered the damage:


This, my fellow crafters, is a bracelet broken beyond repair. At least according to my husband. 

What did he have to say in his defense?
"Oh, come on! It was a bit dirty! And now I can have two!"

Sure honey, sure you can. 
<goes back to knot tying and cursing>

Have a nice afternoon! 


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  1. I never made those, but my daughter (now a college graduate, makes me ones in my favorite sports team colors every new season start!