Friday, February 13, 2015

Winter brake, computer meltdown and baloons!

I passed all my exams and finally have some free time!

My progress on Cabled Bolster is rather slow, but steady. I am 10cm away from grafting the centrepiece into a tube. I also started experimenting with corrugated rib stitch with my pink leftovers. I should call it "2 shades of pink", since counting color's shades got so popular lately...

Unfortunately, my almost 5yo laptop showed some bizarre behaviour yesterday and I had to wipe it clean. Now I struggle with restoring my previous software. I won't be able to share my pics until I get my hardware up and running :(

And one more thing (that I'm super proud of). I learned how to make balloon animals! OK, maybe using plural here is an exaggeration, but I know how to make a dog, a dachshund and a giraffe, which is also a dog, but with longer neck.
It's all thanks to my friend who invited me to a fun and games event organised by her parish. They invite all local children and arrange competitions and different activities.  
Here's the outcome of our hard work:

That's all for now. Keep your fingers crossed for the well-being of my poor old computer!
Have a nice afternoon!


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