Friday, February 6, 2015

Cables onwards!

My work on the bolster coushion cover  progresses slowly but steadily. It's a bit too narrow but it was ment to be only a centerpiece anyway. When it's done I will graft both ends together and pick up side stitches to continue towards endings.
Yeah, and I just now realised that my cables will be horizontal not vertical after that... I guess I'll just change project's name.

Here's Hasiok helping to present my progress:

I really like how texture is so prominent with this yarn! You can see every single loose stich! That, of course, I do not like.

It seems someone is hoping for a new blanket:

Have a nice afternoon!


EDIT! Ohohoh! I almost forgot! Tomorrow night the Mysterious Pink Thing shall be shown to the world! Rejoice!

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