Thursday, February 26, 2015

Throwback Thurdsday - Totoro Time!

The last weekend of my short winter break surprised me with beautiful, warm weather. Unfortunately since Tuesday skies are grey, light is dim and air feels damp. And there's this unpleasant cold wind that freezes your very soul. I've had it with this winter!!!

Today was a long day, with classes in another city. I spend most of it poking a drop of blood mixed with reagent to see if anything happens. It was still somewhat exciting though! :)
Looking for something to cheer me up I stumbled upon one of my favourite projects:

The Blue Totoro! made from pattern by Sharon Ojala, which can be found HERE

I made this sweet little guy in June 2013 shortly after watching "My neighbor Totoro". I loved it so much! I made a special photo session in my garden. Here's Totoro sitting on an old apple tree:

And here you can see a happy meeting with two ladybugs:

During May and June 2013 I also watched a couple of other Studio Ghibli movies with my husband (who was still my fiance then). When I decorated our bedroom last summer I decided to paint the wall behind our bed:

I only had colors that were previously used somewhere around the house: pea-green, wheat-yellow, white, and two shades of brown. And also my trustworthy black acrylic paint. 

There are some Susuwatari hidden behind my dresser! But they're extremely shy.
Oh, and here's my tablet cosy with Totoro applique and flower-shaped wooden buttons. I'm not sure why, but my camera can't focus on the ornament, no matter what I do:

I hope I made your day at least a bit brighter,
Have a nice evening!


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