Saturday, February 7, 2015

Mysterious Pink Thing is...

... no longer mysterious!

<drum roll>

Ladies & Gentleman... The Huge Pink Cat:

It's a birthday present for my little niece. She turned one this week! :)

Some basic info:

  • It took me a little more than 2 weeks to finish.
  • Yarn is a 40% wool and 60% acryl mix "Czterdziestka" by Arelan. It's a Polish yarn I purchased in my favourite local yarn shop in Katowice. Very pleasant to work with although you can feel the acrylic fiber very clearly. I think it's suitable for decorative items rather than sweaters, but I am planing to make something wearable from leftovers.
  • Made with 4mm circular needles with Magic Loop Technique.
  • I used approx 100g of the yarn - 300 meters (328 yards). That's 1/2 of each of two skeins I bought.
  • It's filled with fiberfill from nearly one pillow.
  • Before embroidering and filling I gently steam blocked it.
  • Eves, snout and mouth are embroidered. I just don't trust safety eyes when it comes to toys for small kids. Also, for some reason safety eyes are hard to come by in Poland. 
  • I found many suggestions from other ravelers who made this cat, that's probably best to start with provisional cast on. I did. And that's definitely a good idea! 
  • I also tried to make my stripes jogless, that was a partial success as you can see:

I had a hard time with the neck shaping, but fellow ravelers were helpful as always. If you ever make this cat just follow the instructions step by step. It seems for a while that it's asymmetrical but the outcome is perfect! 
It's shape is very realistic. My brave cocker spaniel was so frightened, that he wouldn't want to be anywhere near it. Oh yes. he chases real cats around our garden. But he is never close to catching one.
Sewing on paws was tricky and they still are floppy when I pick up the cat, but I didn't want to ruin the chest shape by attaching them too far from the base.

Paws are also shaped a little differently than in original pattern.
And here's paw close-up:

High five!

I never had my own cat but it's my twelfth knitted/crocheted one! (One Jiji the Cat, 3 Retro Kittens, 2 Butt Cats, 4 Micro Kitties, 1 Garrus the Cat and this Huge Pink Cat). Does this make me a crazy cat lady?

Have a nice evening!


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