Saturday, April 11, 2015

I love you, Ripple Blanket!

Ah, ripple blankets, don't you just love them?
Mine has now about 1/4th of planned length.

All loose ends are hidden on the other side :)

I bought one additional skein of yarn. It's a lovely shade between blue and grey (second one on the right). Also, I found one long-forgotten skein of turquoise acrylic in my stash! Fits perfectly! 

I love how I can choose whichever color I like to work with next. I am changing colors in an "interlocking" manner. This means making one double stripe and two single stripes of each color, Just like here. It turns out great with all those shades of blue and greenish blue. 
Almost like a lake surface. 
Actually it reminds me of this beautiful mountain pond we visited last summer. It's in Adr┼ípach-Teplice Rock Town in Czech Republic. It looks different every time! The surface color depends on the weather, time of day and angle you are viewing it from.

My fingers are starting to itch... I think I need a couple more rows done today!

In the meantime we got from snow last Friday to over 20°C this Saturday!
Our dog enjoys the sunny day and is chillin' on our porch all day long. He adjusts his position only when the sunlight moves away :)

Ah, it feels so good! 
Have a lovely afternoon!

Yay! Tiny daffodils!

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