Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A is for...

April! Which is coming to an end soon, so I have less than 2 months in Katowice ahead. I'm very happy about it! Living away for home for 6 years is more than enough for me!

Avocado! My sapling has grown so big! I put it in a small vase that was once used to grow a hyacinth. It took over 4 weeks to finally sprout, but in only a month it grew big and strong enough to be planted into a pot.

Allergies! Funny thing! I was never allergic to anything. This year I experienced my first hay fever. Luckily for me merciful rains washed some of the pollen away and I can use less paper tissues per hour.

 Ants! Well this is what you get for trying to dig out some wild pansies from a lawn. But aren't they beautiful?

Another stripe! My Ripple Blanket is 88cm long now and I'm starting to have problems with arranging colors. I didn't realise "random look" would be so hard to achieve.

Awesome gifts! Like this lovely bag I got from my sister! Yeah, it's probably a blasphemy to keep crocheted items in a knitting bag, but shhh... no one has to know!

and finally...
Appendectomy... which means I need to get back to work and study for my next exam :(

Have a nice...


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