Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ripple Adventure countinues...

What a crazy week!
Lots of traveling,  swift weather changes, my birthday... My progress on Ripple Blanket slowed a bit, mainly because I didn't have a free Saturday this week and did not take my work home with me. I study nearly 80km from my home town, so I have almost two hours on a train to crochet.

I'm using an old "C.F.I.010" steel hook. It's approx. 4mm.

I'm now a little beyond 50-60cm. And I love it more and more with every stripe! Maybe I will stop at 150cm and make it a baby blanket? Not that I need one already, but judging by the progress rate...
Also I am beginning to feel a bit worried about waving all the loose ends in.

And now it's time for garden news!
This year's spring is here for good now! 
Here's a lovely daffodil in morning sun. Full-sized this time:

And cherry blossom! Those are my very favourite cherries. Sweet and juicy, almost crunchy!

Have a lovely spring afternoon!

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