Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sockalong Episode 2 - Heels Strike Back.

Knitting socks has been taken to a whole new level! Currently there are over 670 people joining the facebook group. Short circular needles went out of stock in most online shops.
Things got serious!

This week we are making heel flaps, heel turns and gusset shaping!
As an impatient creature I started the second step two days ago.
Here are finished heel flaps. My "not short enough" circulars serve as a great stitch holder!

I passed my first exam (just 7 to go)... so I'm in for a lazy knitting weekend! I've earned it!
Now that weather got really warm I can finally spend my time on the front porch. There are two oak trees across the road and there's a nightingale sitting on one of them. He keeps on singing for most of the time. It's lovely but at 4AM... not so much.

I love how neatly does it look knitted in plain yarn! I picked it because I wanted to make sure I can see all mistakes. It was a good idea! I found my lost stitch in no time!

Turning heel was easy, although I got it wrong the first time and had to frog a little bit. Second approach was successful!

I continued my work with 5 DPNs so I did not have to use markers. In fact I couldn't use them, as they would just slip from my needles :)

Today I have one fully shaped gusset and one turned heel done. It was easier than I imagined!
Here's the first one:

I don't know if I should move on to second sock or finish the first one. Oh what a dilemma!

Have a nice afternoon!

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  1. That's quite a nice dilemma to have, Gosia! Many congratulations on passing your exam, and good luck with the rest! xx