Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Star Wars Project!

There are only 214 days left until Star Wars episode VII! 
How do I know?
There's an online countdown.

My husband is a die-hard Star Wars fan. He also doesn't like when I knit/crochet and watch movies at the same time. I decided to make him something that will stop him from complaining about me knitting "all the time".
He promised he will wear it for the premiere! Can't wait!
I present to you the All-Terrain Awesome-Tank!

Which is a vest really, but "tank" fits the title better :)

I came up with the idea of joining traditional Norwegian ornaments with AT-ATs and Tie Fighters about a month ago. It took me quite a time to plan it. 

I just finished the bottom part and got to a bit boring, plain middle section. Due to my dangerously near finals I work mostly during my train trips. I'm using an acrylic-wool mix. Maybe not top notch quality, but it's pleasant to work with.

I will probably do some embroidery work to enhance the look of Tie Interceptors. Yes, yes those are interceptors not fighters because they have curved wings. As a geek's wife you just have to know... things.

As for my Sockalong adventure: it continues! I'm now a proud member of the Winwick Mum Sockalong Society and my green socks  photo is a part of the official banner!
My yarn stash got a bit bigger (again), and I'm working on second pair of socks. This time for my husband, of course.
Yesterday we had a small family grill party outside. What can be better than late afternoon with knitting and great food? 

Have a nice afternoon!



  1. What a lovely post, Gosia, just the thought of sitting outside and knitting with good food and good company makes me smile! Love your Star Wars tank, it's going to look fantastic. My husband doesn't mind me knitting through films now, but I have to sit out of his eyeline so he can't see my hands moving :-) xx

  2. Mine gets all grumpy when I miss out on the plot :) English is not my first language so I need subtitles to understand some dialog lines (especially those said with heavy accent) and sometimes I look up on the screen too late :P
    At least he never complains about me buying new yarn :)