Monday, May 4, 2015

Sucked into Sockalong

I started my first Sockalong project yesterday... and got sucked into it helplessly! 
Sockalong is held by Winwick Mum on her blog: here, as well as on Facebook: here.

To be honest: this is my second attempt. The first one was a classic fail. All because I just HATE knitting swatches, tensions squares, whatever you call them! So I skipped that part, cast on my first sock and started working.
I was surprised I could knit it with a 40cm long circular needle. But since I've never used short circulars before I thought that's ok. I was even proud!

Here's happy Hasiok helping me out:

I traveled 2 hours on train to Katowice knitting mindlessly. When I got in my apartment I tried the cuff on, and discovered that it's at least 3-4 cm too wide. Sure, I could continue work and give finished socks to my husband... but maybe next time :)

Second approach goes smooth so far. The yarn I'm working with is 100% wool, I couldn't find it online so it is probably quite old. It is one of yarns I got as my Easter Surprise.

My re-checked gauge is 24 sts for 10cm. I'm working my 52 stitches with good old DPNs. I was unable to close the loop with my short circular.
I can't seem to capture this shade of green with my camera correctly, this is the closest to original:

I never thought joining a knitalong would be so much fun! It's a worldwide thing now! This morning, before I left for classes, I had some time to enjoy my coffee and knit a few rows. In the same time other knitters were preparing for their bedtime (in US) or enjoying their afternoon (Australia). That's really amazing!

It is now 9:30PM here in Poland, so there's still time for few centimeters of lovely stockinette stitch!

Have a nice afternoon/morning/night/etc.!


PS.: May the fourth be with you all!

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  1. Gosia, it's so lovely that you're part of the Sockalong and your socks are progressing so well - I love that shade of green! I'm looking forward to seeing your finished pair! xx