Friday, May 29, 2015

Rainy days are over!

Last week May started to resemble cold, rainy and sad November. Temperature dropped to 10°C and I haven't seen sunshine since Monday. Unfortunately people from our housing association were in denial and didn't turn heating on. I spent most of my week drinking hot tea and trying not to let any of my limbs outside a blanket.

Spring, however is still in the bloom. Today weather got better. Two lovely magpies decided to build their next right next to my kitchen window. They are working so hard! And they're doing good, just have a look:

Yes, it's that bunch of sticks between branches. Perfectly good nest!

My old notebook could not be revived by any means. Luckily I was ready for this and could afford a new one. I love it! Especially split screen function. I no longer have to jump between bookmarks in search of a word I'm missing.

I still have 4 exams to go, but now JUST one exam per week, so I might have more time for knitting.
I got to gusset shaping on one of my hubby's sock and the other has it's heel turned.

I love the yarn! It's even, and pure pleasure to work with. Of course my camera gets lost with the shade, so I converted those to B&W.

Turned heel

And heel flap's rich texture.

Now I will have some of my well-earned rest. And finally I will be spending more time at home than in Katowice! 

Have a lovely afternoon!

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