Thursday, July 2, 2015

Going against the heat wave.

It's 27°C/81°F outside today. And all available forecasts show we will hit the 34°C/94°F mark on Monday.
I thought of posting something.. refreshing today. And what could be more cooling and invigorating on such a hot day than a good dose of colour blue?

End of June and first days of July bring the time of the year, when the most shades of blue and violet are present in our garden. Larkspurs (Delphinium - I'm not 100% sure about the common name - that's wikipedia's opinion) almost perfectly match the colour of summer sky. 

Lobelias attracted one of my favourite local creatures. I call him often a "discount hummingbird". I checked for it's English name, and wasn't really surprised to find out that it's called the hummingbird hawk-moth. Taking a decent quality picture of it is almost impossible - it's wings move so fast, all you get is a set of gray-orange patches.

Of course not every flower in our garden is blue. Clematis for instance. This is one of my favourite varieties, also probably the oldest one we have:

And this lovely rosebush, it's shade of pink is so vibrant it looks like it's glowing:

I wanted to give my double pointed needles some rest for a while. I already bent some of them. Now they're "personalized". That;s why I started yet another project - a blue ponchette. I'm using pattern from Ravelry: Lace Cotton Ponchette by windloop. I picked a lovely blue (what else!) yarn for it. It's a bit unpleasant acrylic fiber, but hey, I had it in my stash, and it's not like I will be wearing a ponchette as only clothing anyway. :)
Work progresses slowly, but maybe I will finish it before Autumn. This one... or another. 

That's all for now! It's slowly getting a bit cooler so I might be able to go outside, before mosquitos wake up :)

Oh, and I did not abandon my crocheted shawl. It still is my faithful journey companion. It just so happens, I do not travel a lot lately - oh sweet idleness!

Have a nice afternoon!


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