Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sock madness continues!

Oh dear...Who am I trying to fool? I am addicted to knitting socks.
And now, when I found a more "mindless" pattern, which I can follow with just minimal attention...

I'm lost.

Pattern's name is "Vanilla Socks" and it uses afterthought heel and is knitted toe-up. It's avaialbe on Ravelry: here.
It's absolutely brilliant! Genius! Amazing!

I knitted those (cotton-acrylic mix) for my Mom. She needed comfy socks for her TV evenings. 
My modification to the pattern was the ribbing on top. *k1, p1, k1* done over top 30 sts.

I decided to continue it also for the cuff. It resulted in very VERY loose cuff. In this case it's an advantage rather than a design flaw!

Picking stitches for heels was a bit stressful! I decided to document the process on pictures to have anything left in case of failure.

I will totally make another pair!
(Ok, I already did, but can't share it with you... yet)

I also need to get back to my AT-AT vest, and since temperature dropped to humble 28,6°C I can work with wool mix again! And Star Wars are just 147 days away!

Before I go... here are some butterflies I met in my garden today:

Have a nice afternoon!


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  1. Uh oh, it looks like you've been well and truly got by the sock bug! :) xx