Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sock Thief!

Yesterday I finished my 6th pair of socks. And since my husband got me addicted to Tenacious D's music... I present to you a tribute to the best socks in the world:

Pattern is (again) Vanilla Socks by Carle' Dehning. Letters were embroidered with sock yarn I used for Sasquatch Socks.

While I was busy taking pictures I suddenly heard a quiet chuckle behind my back, I turned just in time to see my no-good dog, stealing my socks. Which was done with my husband's enthusiastic approval.
I'm just glad those weren't the hand made ones!

When I finally managed to get my stolen property back, Korek decided he should apologize for his crime. And this is my dog's idea of an apology:

"I'm sorry!"

"I wish she hadn't notice me..."

For my next project I will make a shawl! sock yarn :)

BTW. Here are tiny socks I couldn't show you last week:

And EVEN MORE butterflies!

Have a lovely evening! 


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