Thursday, August 6, 2015

Time to go!

It's 34°C(93­°F) today... I decided not to risk my well-being by going out to the post office just now. I'll do it first thing tomorrow in the morning.

Why would I even get out of my house on such a hot day?

It's time to send my flowers to Yarndale! That's why!

 This morning I stitched safety pins to all my flowers. I used up 90% of my Mom's safety pins stash, but she knows it's for a good cause! Plus it's way too hot to go out and buy more!

I looked for an envelope without plastic insides. It took me a while, but I found one, whit some stamp on it, but otherwise intact,
The problem was it's quite small and I didn't want my flowers to get all mingled inside. I attached them to a sheet of paper, trying to squeeze them on the smallest surface.

Then there was time for final goodbyes!

Travel safe!

Phew! That did the trick!

I hope I will be able to recognize my flowers on pictures from Yarndale. I will be so proud!

My butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii) attracts more and more butterflies every day. They get distracted by the intense smell, and act like hypnotised. It's so easy to take pictures of them! 
I just can't help taking dozens of pictures :)

 The sock-yarn project I mentioned looks like this:

Well, at least it looked like this few days ago, now it's at 60%. Working with wool can be tough when it's this hot!

Have a nice afternoon!


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