Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Star Wars Project almost done? Bracelets time!

Frogging first version of All-Terrain Awesome-Tank was the one of my best knitting-related decisions. Completing new front design took me less than a week. And, I have to admit,  it fills my heart with pride:

Although backside is plain, work progresses slower. I guess lack of challenge makes the work a bit boring. However, I'm pretty sure I'll finish the work before the Episode 7 is out. 

Last week I made a little side project. Well.. at least I wanted it to be just a side project. 
It was Mom's birthday so I waned to finally crochet a beaded bracelet I promised her a while ago. 

So I took out my Toho (11/0) beads, 1mm crochet hook, a magnetic clasp and some cotton thread...

Spent long time playing with DB-Bead pattern generator...

And voilĂ !

This could be the end of this story, but I did something stupid. I posted a photo on Sockalong Society knit n natter group... There were of course lots of nice comments, including one mentioning a different bracelet making technique. And just like that I got introduced to Kumihimo.

I carved my first disk out of a piece of cardboard. It bends and is far from professional, but it works!

To this point (since yesterday) I made three bracelets, and ordered a real Kumihimo disk. I'm afraid it got me!

That's all for today! It's time to get a cup of coffee and pore over a book a little.

Have a nice afternoon!

PS.: It finally RAINS!!!

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