Sunday, August 9, 2015

Winter is nigh... right?

This week we've officially gone from "hot" to "depths of hell". All I can do now is gulp down bottles of water and pretend that turning on the fan helps.

Despite the weather, and all forecasts (saying the heatwave is here to stay) I decided to get ready for winter. I fell in love with this pattern and nothing could stop me from knitting my grey, incredibly warm and soft scarf. And here it is!

Pattern's name is "No Angle Knit Wrap" by Carole Marie. It can be found on Ravelry: here.
It has very interesting construction! What I loved the most is that it does not require a long cast-on. I usually mess this part up by either making a nice, but stiff and too short edge or casting on so loosely it looks like a total mess. And there's no way to correct it!

It took me 9 days to finish it. At first it went slow, but after few repeats I didn't even need to look at the pattern! Which of course led to a mistake, and I have 12 instead of 11 repeats :)

Here's the scarf straight off the needles.

And here's why all knitted items should be blocked! 

I soaked it, pinned down on a bed, steamed with an iron just a little and let it dry overnight. The last part was the hardest! I woke up at 7:30 (on Sunday) and rushed to finish my masterpiece.

What can I say? I was not disappointed by the power of blocking! 
Second hardest part of my work was trying it on. I just wrapped it around my neck for half a minute to take  pictures. I'm surprised how soft and almost translucent it is compared to it's warmth!

Phew! Now I need to find a new WIP to keep my hands busy!

Have a nice afternoon!


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  1. It looks fabulous, Gosia, and what a difference blocking makes! I think it's a little bit of magic how your work can look like a dishcloth one minute and then - ta-dah - you can see it in all it's beauty simply after soaking and pinning xx