Monday, August 17, 2015

Making the beginning is one third of the work.

Tropical heat finally left us for a while, and I started thinking about returning to my Star Wars Project. The longer I thought about it... it seemed less and less successful.

Let's face it! I'm not skilled in Fair Isle knitting, and Fair Isle in round is even harder for me. I'm one of those so called "tight" knitters. My floats get shorter and shorter and my garment starts to feel stiff like a plank.

I decided to give it a thought, when we went for a small road trip on Thursday.
We drove to the same place we visited on first May weekend. Here's the post I wrote back in spring.

Is it just me, or do the leaves start to turn yellow?

After a long relaxing walk I made up my mind...

... and frogged whole thing. 

I decided to start over with another, decent tension square. I was hardly surprised when my gauge turned out to be off by 2 sts per 10cm. Yay me! 

I also re-designed the motifs on front, and divided my work in two stages. Front and back will be worked separately. Here's the current state of front piece:

I used classic snowflakes chart this time. And I have to admit - I like the result. 
As I'm getting nearer to the intrasia part I'm also starting to feel a bit anxious about it... but hey! I can always start over! 
And making the beginning is one third of the work! 

Have a nice evening!


PS.: Guess who got to pet alpacas today? :)

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