Monday, August 31, 2015

Fun with Kumihimo.

Summer is slowly coming to an end. Days got shorter and heat is not much of an issue now. Sunflowers in our garden are in bloom now!

Tomorrow kids are going back to school (or preschool) so I decided to spend some productive time with my nieces. As some of you know I've discovered Kumihimo bracelets lately.
I wanted to share all the fun I get from braiding so I sacrificed my shoe-box lid and cut out two more disks.

Then I invited my 10 and 5-year-old nieces over and we did a short braiding course.
Hasiok got out from his liar (in one of my project bags) and joined us as a model:

We used pieces of cotton and acrylic-cotton yarns (both from Alize yarns).
Not long before our bracelets became visible:

Girls were really happy to see effects of their work. So was I! 

It wasn't the only nice thing last week though! Next day a letter arrived and inside I found...

My own non-cardboard Kumihimo disk!
I did not use it that much, because I had this other project to finish.
But now I can braid my day away in peace!

Have a nice afternoon!

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