Friday, July 10, 2015

My floral delegation!

Yesterday, while browsing my facebook wall, which is filled with yarns, socks and crocheted goodies, I stumbled upon this post . I read list of countries from which people send their crochet triangles for Yarndale bunting. Poland was missing! I decided to make it right this year!

Sadly I cannot go to Skipton in person so I will send a small (or big - I can't stop making them) floral delegation to Yarndale.

I picked some colorful acrylics from my stash...

Ignored my husbands suggestions about vacuuming... There are more important things than dusting and cleaning! I NEED MY FLOOR SPACE! 

Aaand here's the result of today's work: 

I will need to make some additional flowers to  achieve the required size. And maybe just a couple more...

I have a hard time following patterns from Lesley Standfeld's "100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet". The book itself is absolutely brilliant, the translation however, is not! Only thing that saves me from total frustration is the fact that patterns are charted. Craft-related books should be translated by crafters only! 

And now for something completely different: meet Tiny Tina! Our new pet! She's so shy! :3

Have a lovely afternoon! 


PS. It's such a relief to see cloudy skies again after almost two weeks of hellish temperatures, isn't it?

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