Saturday, March 4, 2017

100th post! And one less WIP!

Yay! Here's my 100th blog post!
I promised something special for today, haven't I?
And what can be more special and appropriate for celebration than...

Pattern is called  Ahelad (Chains) by Anna Kuduja. It's available for purchase on Ravelry. Very well written, easy to follow. After one repeat I just tossed the chart in my project bag and worked on my own. It is also easy to modify.

I wanted to make size M at first but ended up with S (both sizes start with the same no. of stitches - lucky me!). It's a wise decision since cotton is quite heavy and it grew faster than I knitted! :)

For this project I used  FibraNatura Cottonwood  in bottle green - 100% organic cotton, DK. Ravelry marked this one as "discontinued" but in Polish yarn shops there's still plenty left! I fell in love with this dark, rich green.
It's very pleasant to work with, splits a bit but nowhere close to what I expected.

What surprised me was the needle size. When I started my knitting adventure I was a tight-knitter. Now I worked DK weight yarn with 3,5mm (flat) and 4mm (in round) needles... and fabric is soft and drapey!

Also.. the stitch definition is just amazing!

I used almost 7 skeins - 350grams. I'm keeping the last one in case I would like to add some length to it after washing.

As always thanks to my husband who took all the pics! This time Korek seemed eager to help...

But it turned out he was just in it for cuddles!
Oh, you!

Now that I completed 2 WIP's over just two weeks I can finally buy more yarn!
Have a nice afternoon!


PS.: Spring is nigh, I tell ya! I'm already on lookout for The First Bee of 2017!

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