Saturday, September 12, 2015

Autumn Holiday

Forgive my week long absence!

Weekend outside of town got my creativity level low. I'm still working on my Creamy Cardi. I'm done with backside and halfway through right front. I am considering starting left front with my spare set of needles, and working armhole shaping simultaneously.

Today I'll just share with you a few pictures from our trip:

Place where we stayed had almost no artificial light around it, so we finally got to see the Milky Way! Unfortunately taking pictures of the night sky surpasses my camera's capabilities.

Saturday was bright and sunny so we decided to go hiking. 

Boy, where we surprised how a 890 meters high mountain can kick our butts... 

The view from top was worth it!

We spend Sunday recovering from exhaustion and taking care of our poor leg muscles.
Meanwhile weather got worse, so we gladly stayed indoors for most of the day.
It seems autumn is here to stay.

Now I have hundreds of pictures taken in my garden to sort, and share with you next time, so that's all for today.

Have a nice afternoon!


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