Tuesday, September 15, 2015

We are the Harbinger of cuteness!

I told my husband there are no fun and free patterns related with Mass Effect. And just to prove it I typed "Mass Effect" into Ravelry's search box.

That was clearly a mistake!

Next minute I got a request for a plushy Reaper...
Pattern's name is Mass Effect Reaper Amigurumi   by DIY geekess. It can also be found on this blog.

Meet Harby the Reaper!

(for all none-gamers - Reapers are ancient synthetic life forms from game called Mass Effect.)

Harby is (of course) short for Harbinger. I'm not sure Harby is fond of his name, though - he tried to devour my husband:

Korek did not want to make new cosmic friends... I don't really blame him. After all he is a cocker spaniel - not a shepherd.

I was shocked how quickly I managed to complete it! All pieces are easy to make, but the number of them (20? or so) can make your head spin. But hey! If I managed to sew it together nicely - anyone can do it. I skipped making a stripe on Reaper's belly and used plastic straws instead of pipe cleaners.

We had so much fun taking those pictures together! Believe it or not - at one point we tossed it into the air and took this picture:

Ahhhh, maybe I should play Mass Effect again?

I should go,

Gosia out.

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