Sunday, April 17, 2016


A I mentioned last week I became a proud owner of 4 Superwash Ciao by Mondial. It was all by ACCIDENT, and the only one to blame is my favourite yarn shop, for sending me emails about discounts.

I had this project on mind since a long time. Pattern is called Skew by Lana Holden. Construction of the sock is just plain awesome! At one point I was sure I made a mistake as it would not look like a sock at all! But then...

There is however a small problem with fit. As long as the fabric is stretched - fits just right. The moment I let it go - it gets baggy around my ankles. I think that's partially because of my bony legs, and the fact that pattern is not really adjustable.
That won't stop me from casting on a second sock, of course!

As for my other WIP's - I'm in the middle of the 4th (and final) skein of my Never Again Blanket. After so many repeats it became a mindless knit :)

Now I'm out to enjoy this lovely spring day!

Have a nice afternoon!


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