Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Never* Again! (*at least not this month, okay?)

Done, done, doooooone! The quickest blanket ever!
Elven Pixie Blanket by Tall Gal Knits, also known as Never Again Blanket

You know what? I absolutely LOVED making it! The best moment was when I removed pins after blocking, and discovered it grew over 10cm in each direction. Final measurements are 80x90cm! I used four 50g skeins plus about 1/3rd for border.
Also it got really soft and lacy afterwards.

Not to mention how it made the lace stand out:

 I wanted to give it to my coworker as soon as possible, so I didn't wait for a good picture light.
It would take me too long, because late April just turned really cold!

Ahh, now I can return to my Skewed Socks. I'm almost ready for second heel!
I also decided to add some rows to my Banana Leaf Shawl - I'm sure I could find a use for it this summer!

Have a nice afternoon!


PS.: Mom wanted me to take pictures of her tulips. I counted over 27 varieties... 

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