Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Happy Birthday, Sockalong!

Today I'm having a day off - 3rd of May is a national holiday in Poland.
Since last year it's also a holiday for all sock knitters...

Sockalong Anniversary!

For more info on this marvellous initiative check out Winwick Mum's blog.
Last night I managed to complete my 7th pair of socks.  I think they're worthy of celebrating this day!
Pattern: Skew by Lana Holden.

Photo by my hubby, who demanded that I mention him.

I'm absolutely delighted with this yarn! To be honest, I wasn't trying to make them match, because I couldn't get my head around color repeats. Also, different toes are useful for telling right sock from the left one :)

I think I should do a small compilation now, entitled "my year in socks":

#1: Green, 100% wool, 200% satisfaction

 #2: Grey monster-socks for my hubby

#3&5: Baby socks!

#4: First toe-ups - for mom's TV evenings :)

#6: Picture says it all! \m/

#7: I know, I know... just one more look at those heels:

We were supposed to go on a nice trip today, but it's rainy, so we decided to stay inside. I can't even pretend I'm worried about this...

Have a nice afternoon!
... I surely will!


PS.: Thank you, Christine for making this possible! :)

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