Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mysterious Purple-Grey Thing...s

My niece's bitrthay was two days ago so I can safely reveal what I kept in secret since March.
Two chubby, striped kittens!

Some of you may remember my first kitty made from  The Parlor Cat Pattern by Sara Elizabeth Kellner. It was for my youngest niece's first birthday.
Word travels fast, so soon I had an order for "two big cats, four small ones and a set of mice".
Since I really enjoy going to work, and in having a life in general, I had to cut this order short. First one was a good and tried Parlor Cat:

But as I finished and still had a lot of yarn left (Nako Rekor, really nice, soft, a bit fuzzy acrylic) I decided to make a second cat. This time using different pattern from the same collection: 
The Window Cat by Sara Elizabeth Kellner.

At first I was afraid making two row stripes will show the jog on round beginning, but frankly, it turned out better than the first one!
I skipped making legs. I just like it better that way, and I saw many Ravelers do it :)

Yesterday I gave them to my niece. She loved them! Her real cats however... not so much. I hope they won't decide to murder their new flatmates! :)

Now that that's done I can get back to Banana Leaf Shawl. It's going really great, but I'm still not halfway through the skein! I'll take some pics for the next post!

Have a nice afternoon!

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