Saturday, August 13, 2016


It took 36 days, 97grams of Malabrigo Sock "Playa", one pair of 3,5 mm straight needles and a free pattern  Pincha shawl by Pinpilan Wangsai... But here it is. All ready, soft, warm and squishy!
With 24 feathers!

I'm such a lucky girl! It's really cold today, so I can wrap it around me without the danger of suffocation an overheating.  Also a dim light helps showing off the true color of this yarn.
Working on this shawl was really pleasant, and by 6th or 7th feather I memorized the entire sequence. Yes, I admit I had to go back few times and there is one mistake I know about...
...but I can't find it anymore, so that's good, right?

I had a bit of a problem with blocking it. Usually I block my items by soaking them in water with some mild detergent and letting them dry. But yesterday, of all days, a main water pipe was damaged few blocks away. We still get yellow-ish tap water, and I wouldn't dare to put my precious merino into it!

Therefore I just steamed it thoroughly, and I am really pleased with the effect. Here's how it looked pre-blocked:

Not a big difference there, except maybe for the feel of it.
I wanted to show you how good it looks when wrapped around my neck.
But SOMEONE photobombed this pic mercilessly!

I feel like I need to  take a rest from short rows for a while. Maybe I'l finally have time to finish the second pair of anle socks for my mom?
Or write down a pattern for a baby dress I made...
We'll see!

Have a nice afternoon!