Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I almost missed it! I was so consumed with my last project I just remembered about this year's Yarndale Community Project. Fortunaltely it's not too late to join in yet!

My little sheep is on it's way to Yarndale.
I decided to go with knitted version as I already had some experience with it. My first sheep from Frankie Brow's pattern lives now in a hospital, where I had a part of my internship.

Let's getto some details: for body I used leftovers of Alize Baby Wool (wool/acrylic/bamboo blend) and for the coat the very last remains of Malabrigo Sock. I also added a nice collar to the sweater. In order to easily find my sheep in the giant Yarndale flock I gave it a haircut. Three shorts pieces of Drops Lima, some combing, and sewing... and voila!

Korek wasn't interested in participating so I took the liberty of photographing him in his sleep. Isn't he a cutie? A lazy one, but still!

I had to secure the parcel somehow without using a plastic-padded envelope. After digging through all sorts of materials I found a piece of undyed Crêpe paper. How did it get to my room? No idea. But hey! It came in handy!

Now all I have to do is to keep my fingers crossed for postal service. Have a safe trip, little sheep!

And nice afternoon to you all!

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