Saturday, September 10, 2016

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it.

In case any of you wondered why I'm gone - let me explain with a picture:

See? That's a good reason! Let me share some sunny memories with you!

A week ago me and hubby returned from our best summer trip so far.
We spent two weeks in mountains. To be more precise in Low Beskids. In a small village known for it's water springs.

I have to admit, I managed to drink only two glasses of the spring water. Mainly because it was salty and tasted a bit... rusty? I just hope that clean air, hours spent on hiking and relax will be enough to keep us in a good health for the next year.

First day in Wysowa greeted us with bad weather. We woke up very early, and decided to go for a stroll around the park. I guess, we weren't the only ones with this idea:

Deer. Wild deer in a park in the middle of a village! This is when I felt that's it's a perfect holiday spot for me! Even with all the rain and 99% humidity.

Of course I was prepared for that! In case of a bad weather I packed my yarn bag with freshly bought Drops Alaska. I wanted to buy Alpaca, but I got distracted by a low price and didn't read the label twice...
Aaaanyway. Inspired by all grey, green and yellow shades mixing in my surroundings I came up with an idea for a cowl.

I used a free pattern Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks by Morgen D√§mmerung, but I think it's also called just star stitch. Knitting goes surprisingly fast, when you have a bad/none Internet connection, and no job to worry about. After just few days I had is all done:

In the meantime weather changed drastically. For almost a week we haven't seen a single cloud in the sky. We did our best to do as much hiking as our legs would allow.

Our longest trip involved: climbing a 881m high mountain (don't let the height fool you - it was NOT EASY), visiting a valley with dozens of horses on a giant pasture, getting lost on a way back and drinking water from a forest stream. All of this over 8 hours of almost constant walking.

It was worth it!

We also took various breaks from hinking, relaxing on beauiful meadows:

And doing some low-budget kriotheraphy for our sore feet.

Fun fact! The region we visited was world's first oil field. And the river we enjoyed so much was called Ropa - "petroleum" in English :)

It was really hard to come back to work after all this.
With all that said, I hope you'll forgive me my abscence. Returning to work was a bit of a shock, especially since it's the first time I had to do that.

I'm taking my third chance on the state exam next week  so I need plenty of relax (aka knitting another pair of socks). I could also use your crossed fingers! :)

Have a nice afternoon!


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  1. Your photos are fabulous! Glad you had a great time! xx