Monday, September 26, 2016

Autumnal Fennec Fox.

Autumn is officially here! As usual, it brings changes. I'm slowly finishing my internship, meaning I will start a "real job" soon. This will mean less time for my hobby, I'm afraid.

Luckily there are things that stay the same. Like my everlasting love for amigurumi for instance. Last weekend hubby talked me into buying a new magazine, dedicated only to crocheting toys.
Inside I found several patterns for woodland creatures, and one that caught my eye from the start. It took me about 4-5 hours to complete it.

Meet my sweet little Fennec Fox!

Pattern  Amigurumi Fifi the Fennec Fox by Sweet N' Cute Creations  is also  available on Ravelry.
It was very easy to make. I'm not sure if the assembly is depicted better in pdf version, but I didn't find many tips in print. It took me few tries to be happy with result.

For the first time I inserted glass marbles into hind legs and one into chest region. It made it more stable. Most of my plushies end up as baby toys at one point, so I rarely put anything except fiberfill inside. Fennec however, is moving to Cracow to accompany my sister-in-law on her college adventures. I hope she knows better! :)

Next time I will share my big autumnal project! I completed 3 out of 5 sections so far, but rows are getting dangerously loooong. But how can I complain, if I get to work with pure alpaca? <3

Have a nice afternoon!

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